Yes…I am alive!

Posted on: March 16, 2009

I know its been 2 months to the day since I last posted something on here. Life has been very busy for me lately. Just a little update on the happenings in my life….My car took a crap. Thankfully I was able to get a brand new one for a reasonable deal. Thanks goes out to Nissan of Bakersfield for making that possible. Sad thing was I wanted to buy an American car so on the recommendation of a friend, I originally went the the local Saturn(GM) dealership. They didn’t seem too interested in selling cars though since they avoided me in every way possible.Oh well, I have a nice new 2009 Nissan Versa that is fun to drive! Here is a few pics….

Also another bit of news is I’m going to be homeless soon. Well at least technically I will no longer have my own apartment. About a month ago my roommate “texted” me his intensions to move out and get a place with his girlfriend. Now thats all cool and everything but he failed to make sure the lease was actually up before getting a new place….Things I thought he had already taken care of before springing the news on me. Well anyways my options were to replace him on the lease with someone new or pay my part to break the lease early. I’m out $375 but I guess it could have been worse. The neighborhood is a dump and I didnt want to stay another 12 months anyways. Unfortuantely, due to the car issues and this all at the same time, No funds were left to find a new place in time. I will have all my stuff in storage by March 31st, last day on the terminated lease.

I’m thankful for my best friend Chris and his partner Tim who are going to help me out by letting me stay a while so I can get things in order. I’m hoping I will not have to be a burden to them for more than a few weeks at most. I really hate being a burden on people. I appreciate them though very much in this time of crappy events. Hopefully I’ll have a new place soon. Well I need to get back to work. Its been quite busy these days. A note for everyone… Would you all make sure to stop surfing questionble porn sites and stop getting viruses on your computers already! It makes more work for me! Peace out!


2 Responses to "Yes…I am alive!"

Where’s the nudie pic of you sprawled across the hood of your car at? Should I have NOT posted that one on my blog?


Gosh, and you made me wait for 2 long months……… 🙂

Nice ride Paul!! Tho sorry to hear about you having to move again. ugh! That sucks! Glad that you have friends around that can assist. Hope you find a place soon enough!!

xo, r

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