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Shamwow! I got this Rap remix stuck in my head! Have nothing new to share other than things are pretty calm at the moment. Well anyways….enjoy!

So I was watching the sci-fi channel last night trying to get in as much time possible before it becomes the dreaded syfy channel and I came across this little gem….

I was literally on the floor laughing. I guess props go out to Quiznos for giving it a homosexual flavor!

Today the blog world is buzzing about changes coming to the sci-fi channel. Starting this summer it will be re-branded as “SyFy” Here is the link to their blog


What a horrible mistake! The first thing that comes to mind when I see this is….


This will probably be one of the greatest marketing FAILS of all time! Congrats to the people in charge over at Sci-Fi for actually thinking this is a good idea! I won’t be watching anymore.

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