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fuck-youWell this year has been the worst year on record for me financially.I’ve never been so close to living in a cardboard box in my life so I am glad to give 2008 a big kick out the door. I really hope 2009 starts to improve.
I will be busy with family and other events over the next week or so therefore I’ve decided to make this the last post of 2008. I’m going to be taking a break from the internet in general for the next week or two. I guess if its really important, you could always send smoke signals to get my attention.
So happy holidays to everyone. I for one will be glad when its over. Sorry, for those of you that are full of Christmas joy I just haven’t been able to catch that bug this year. Maybe next year! I’ll be back in the new year….check back soon. Hopefully I’ll have some entertaining stuff to write about.


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Just an average 34yr old gay guy out of the closet after being married for a long time. I'm a parent now trying to make a new start on life and being proud of who I am.

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